Sunday, July 03, 2011

4th Fun

Yes, I realize that it isn't technically the 4th of July yet. Our city's fireworks were Friday night, so we loaded up the boys and joined thousands of our fellow residents to celebrate. The boys were thrilled of course, because they got to stay up late, eat lots of sugar, and watch loud stuff go boom.

Gummy Bear decided on a sugar bomb shaved ice thing with no fewer than 6 flavors. He and Cheeky Monkey dug it. The adults passed.
Eat this!!!

Of course, the sugar bomb didn't keep either of the boys from eating their share of our ice cream.

Sugar, Sugar SUGAR!!!!!
 As the evening wore on, they decided they were hungry for more dinner. And so we had meat on a stick.
Huzzah, meat on a stick!

We bought the boys overpriced glowing necklaces. They found many amusing uses for them.
More amusing for me than Ry, perhaps.

And because we had been sitting there for nearly 2 hours, we got creative.

But then, the fireworks started, and held the boys' complete attention. Gummy Bear "oooh"ed and "aaah"ed in unison with the kids sitting behind us, and Cheeky Monkey echoed them a few seconds later. It made for a kind of a cheers in the round.

It was pushing 11 pm by the time we got home, so the boys were pretty wiped out. Not surprisingly, neither of them slept the next morning and both were insanely cranky by the end of the day. Still, it was totally worth it. Happy 4th of July, ya'll!


melydia said...

Wow, Gummy Bear looks like he's so hopped up on sugar that his hair is glowing with energy.

G'pa said...

So glad you had a wonderful "4th" evening. We are celebrating with your Dad and Laurel, the Outlaws. Much good food and drink will be had with a bags tournament included. Love you.

Jube said...

melydia -- that's not too far from the truth, although he was really good that evening.

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