Saturday, July 23, 2011

I was ignoring myself

If you've been around my oldest son at all in the past year, you know that he has a constant, running monologue. We've really been working with him on waiting to talk until other people have finished speaking. The other night, we were all sitting to dinner and the adults were having a conversation. Gummy Bear was practically coming out of his skin to say something. When we acknowledged him he looked at us blankly. "What did you want, Gummy Bear?" I asked. "Um," he said, "I don't remember. I was ignoring myself."

Cheeky Monkey, on the other hand, is the strong, silent type. He doesn't have many words. Truth be told, it's something I worry about. Last night, I began to suspect he's been holding out on us. We had some friends over for dinner, and the kids were riding their bikes around the patio. Gummy Bear stopped to talk to us while Cheeky Monkey scooted up behind him. He sat for a moment and then yelled "Go!" When all the adults died laughing he started going round and round the patio, shouting "Go, go, go, go, go, go!"

My baby boy also tried to give me a heart attack last night. He was sitting on one of our patio chairs when he went over backwards and into one of our stone patio stairs. I was well and truly freaked out when I saw a tuft of his blond hair on the edge of the step. Luckily, it was a glancing blow and barely bled.
It looked a lot worse last night.
Still, I got out my flashlight, checked his pupillary response and called the pediatrician. She said to wake him once or twice during the night and check for unusual sleepiness or vomiting. He was happy because in order to keep him still and apply ice he got two ice pops. When I woke him at midnight he looked up at me like "What?" Then he put his head back down and went back to sleep. I think he's OK.
And as cute as ever.

In case you've been living in a hole this week, it's been really hot here. Yesterday it was 119 F with the heat index. When it's that hot, I limit outside time to water activities and push water and juice on the kids. We didn't even venture outside yesterday until 6 pm. The boys seem to really be enjoying our new splash pool though. Gummy Bear has been using it as a slip n' slide.

And Cheeky Monkey digs the slide.

We got a watermelon in our share this week, and I was looking forward to chilling it in the fridge, cutting it up and serving it as a nice outside snack this weekend. And then it rolled out of the truck and smashed itself on the driveway.

Thankfully, the boys didn't seem to mind. We still had watermelon. It just wasn't so pretty.
They even got to spit seeds!
Summer win!


G'pa said...

Was Gummy Bear "separated" about ignoring himself?

Spitting seeds is great summer fun.

Many times, the strong silent type gets in the last word.

Jason said...

Hehe, been picking up a watermelon every four or five days since the 4th. Just the best summer food.

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