Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In the last hour

~ I pulled a toddler from the bathtub because he wouldn't stop drinking the bathwater.
~ I read the same toddler a book about dinosaurs eleventy billion times.
~ I snuggled a wet preschooler because he was "so cold."
~ Laughed as a toddler made beautiful ukulele music with my husband
~ The toddler then fell on me.
          ~ Sat on my head
          ~ Pulled my hair
          ~ And farted in my face
~ The preschooler requested a song on the piano.
          ~ And accompanied me by banging a microphone on the keys.
          ~ Repeatedly
          ~ Even when he was asked to stop
~ So I threw the microphone across the room (not one of my proudest moments)
~ And stalked into the bathroom to cool down
~ Where the toddler tried to walk in on me
~ I received and requested forgiveness
~ Got toddler snuggles
~ Read a couple of books to the preschooler
~ And watched him fall asleep
~ I went to get out his bed and he said, "Mama, I need snarfle blah Raffe yeggle foo."
~ So I went and got Raffe and tucked him in with my sleeping boy.

Just another evening in the T household.

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Jason said...

Everyone has their moments, and I've definitely raised my voice a few times in the last few weeks :( We've recently been dealing with someone who has to be bribed to get into her carseat without super back stretching and screaming....I gave up and have been giving her my phone nearly every time she goes in (the screen has her and mommy on it and she can touch it and slide the picture up and down).

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