Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eskimo Hugs

I'll save all the "I'm a bad blogger" nonsense. I'm a bad blogger. There.

I can't say there's been any one reason that I haven't been blogging. There have been lots of reasons.

1. My mom and stepdad are here and I'd rather hang out with them than spend time on my computer.
2. My mom and stepdad are here and they've been watching the kiddos so that Ry and I can go out and do things other than spend time on my computer.
Mom's new house. Cute, right?
3. I'm playing the ukulele. So much that the calluses on my hands have all peeled off and (I guess?) are regrowing.
4. Also, I'm playing piano. My mom had my piano for the past however many years and since she's moved here, guess what? Piano! And I'm really bad now. I have to decide if I'm going to take ukulele or piano lessons since there's just no way I can handle both.
Oooh, look at all the hard notes!
5. Um, it's summer.
And the pool is open!
6. Gummy Bear has had swimming lessons every morning. While the lesson is only 30 minutes, it disrupts the flow of the morning and changes the rhythm of my day. There have been no lazy mornings on the couch while the kids watch a show and I drink a cup of coffee with my computer.
7. Uncle Lance came to visit us last week. We had lots of fun. And then, in the evenings when I'd be on the computer we were instead on the patio, drinking and playing ukulele. It rocked.
We went to a festival in one of the most liberal towns in the area where Gummy Bear chose camouflage face paint. Awesome.

Also, we went to the Jersey Shore and played carnival games and won some gawd-awful dirty cows.
8. This has nothing to do with why I haven't been blogging, but it's too cute not to share. Every night at bedtime, Gummy Bear gives me Eskimo kisses. I'm sure you're familiar with them. You rub noses. About a week ago, he insisted that he give me an Eskimo hug. I told him I didn't know what that was and that he would have to show me. Eskimo hugs? They're one-armed hugs. Silly kid.


Becky said...

Sounds like you're having a great summer!

Jason said...

*two thumbs up*

G'pa said...

The "Bad Blogger" redeems herself. So glad you are having a great summer. Thanks for sharing. Big Hugs to all.

Jube said...

Glad I'm redeemable! Miss you all.

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