Friday, November 25, 2011

A day late ... but still thankful

Mostly, I'm thankful for these 3 people here. I'll be a little more specific though.
1. I am thankful for Ry, who is unfailingly patient with nursing school and unfailingly loving to me and the boys.
2. I am thankful for Gummy Bear, who has recently morphed into my "easy" kid. His Mummu taught him to play checkers while she was here, and now he wants life to be all board games, all the time. Still, it's better than the video game obsession that preceded it.
3. I am thankful for Cheeky Monkey, who has been adding a new word about once a day lately. Yesterdays? "Pumpkin", which he had not seen since Halloween. He's thinking all the time, even when he doesn't say anything. Truly, I should start calling him the Cookie Monster. After a meal that included cookies a few days ago, he'll randomly scream "COOKIE!!!!" in the middle of a meal.
4. My mother and stepdad. They have made our lives so much easier and more wonderful over the past 4 months. They seem so much a part of our lives now that I can't imagine them not living here anymore.
5. My sister, who is so very smart and interesting. She feels like home to me.
6. My dad and stepmother, who make me laugh. And remind me all the time of what doing the right thing looks like.
7. My in-laws, who have accepted me with complete love since the day I entered their son's life. My life is so much the better for having them in it.
8. Ukuleles. They are the happiest instrument on the planet. There is no such thing as melancholy ukulele playing. Well, I suppose some Hipster might find a way to be depressed and play ukulele, but I certainly couldn't. I'm also slowing converting our friends and family into ukulele players (Peanut, I'm looking at you).
9. Nursing school. Ok, well I'm not exactly grateful for nursing school, but I am grateful for the career I am about to embark upon. Perhaps I'm grateful that there are only 6 months left of nursing school.
10. Our home, which is closing in around me. Still, it's ours and it's bursting at the seams with love, laughter and kids' crap. Mostly kids' crap, but the other stuff too.


Lala said...

And I am grateful that I get to have a small share in yours and your sister's lives. You guys are the family that I never thought I would have. Your mom and dad did good. And for ukeleles. They ARE a happy instrument.

Jube said...

I am very honored to be your family! So looking forward to December!!

Becky said...

I'll meet you in Oz, ukelele in hand!

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