Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Monkey turned 2

Cheeky Monkey turned 2 about a week ago. While he's still a sweet-natured, laid back little man, he is also most definitely 2. He and his brother antagonize each other nonstop. He has also decided to exert his will in various and sundry ways (like refusing to open his mouth to brush teeth).

He is also a really easy smile. While he wants to pester his brother, he also wants to do whatever he does.

He is also big pretend-player. When Ry and I had a weekend away, we got him a long kitty. They have been inseparable ever since. Where Long Kitty goes, Cheeky Monkey goes. Long Kitty gets the first bite of cheese.
 And then Monkey.
 And then Long Kitty again.
 Long Kitty goes to school with Monkey. Long Kitty goes to bed with Monkey. Long Kitty has to snuggle on my other shoulder when we're snuggling before bed. And I have to take turns petting Long Kitty's back and petting Monkey's back.

He's just staring to put two words together a lot (Mama's cup, more ice, butter please). He also hums along when I sing to him at bedtime. Maybe he'll be a musical boy.

He had his 2 year check up yesterday. He weighed 33 pounds, 11 ounces and was 36 inches tall. That puts him in the 80-85 percentile for both. Gummy Bear at 2 was just over 36 inches, but only 30 pounds, 6 ounces. Monkey is going to be our linebacker (except that I'm never going to let him play football).

He loves to Fred Flintstone the tricycle around the patio. He's also pretty good with a fork and can drink out of an open cup.

I'm completely in love. Happy Birthday little Monkey.


Jason said...

Hehe, still growing like a weed! Happy Birthday to that little monkey!

Cathy said...

Long kitty is pretty adorable

rsctt said...

cute kids

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