Friday, November 11, 2011

Good morning!

Scene: Our bedroom, 8 am. Ry has just gone to the nursery to get Cheeky Monkey. I hear Gummy Bear come running up the stairs and burst into our room.

Gummy Bear: Mom! I made you something!

Me: You did? What is it?

Gummy Bear: I'll go get it!

Me: Oh Bear, thank you so much! That's a terrific heart.

Ry from the other room: OH MY GOD! Don't touch it!

Cheeky Monkey from the other room: HAHAHAHAHA

Gummy Bear: Look Mommy, I used a marker that writes on both sides!

Me: So you did. Where did you get this marker?

Ry from the other room: Sit still!

Gummy Bear: I took it out of the cup by the door.

Me: And what did you put the paper on when you drew it?

Gummy Bear: The stool in the hallway!

Cheeky Monkey comes running into the bedroom, clad only in his diaper: Mommy!!

Me: Hi Cheeky! Gummy, please don't take the markers out of the cup by the back door anymore, OK? I think you probably wrote on the stool too.

Gummy Bear: I did!

Ryan comes into the bedroom, carrying a very large diaper: This thing has to weigh 5 pounds.

We all walk downstairs. Cheeky Monkey insists on having his kitty "hold" the stair railing, making it a 10 minute process. I go into the hall to inspect the damage.

It's no house carved on the dining room table with a fork, but it's not going anywhere.


Becky said...

Well, it was a very nice heart.

G'pa said...

You'll lose the paper, so keep the stool just like it is! It will be a great memory.

Jube said...

Totally keeping the stool. Maybe I'll saw it off the legs and put in a shadowbox.

Mom said...

If you want to keep it, you will saw off the legs. I just lost my "Becky house" in the last few years. I miss it.

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