Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our first Christmas present

Ry has wanted an Xbox 360 since they came out. Since it cost some ungodly amount of money (and he won a Wii that year) we didn't buy one.  This year, however, our Wii is starting to get a little wonky and the Xbox is something in the realm of reasonable. And so we bought one. And then opened it and started playing it an hour later. Sometimes Christmas presents don't wait until Christmas. Plus, now our family has great gift ideas for Ry and Bear!
Bear took to the Kinect like he had been playing it his whole life. He jumped, he giggled, he wiggled and he fell instantly and completely in love. At least he's not sitting on the couch and playing video games, right? I have to say though, that I'm a little creeped out by the fact that I see a little video of myself every time Ry switches games. I about to throw a little Kinect bag over its little Kinect head.


Jason said...

Hehehe, I have the Sesame Street game on the way from Gamefly.....I can't wait to see Nolie go nuts!

Jube said...

Yeah, Christmas will be fun this year. I imagine we'll lug the new toy to Oz and watch all the grandparents pop some bubbles, float down a river and plug some leaks. Should be good times.

G'pa said...

Tucker looks so TALL in this picture. Can't wait to see you all.

Jube said...

Can't wait to see you either!

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