Sunday, June 10, 2012

3 Days

It's a big week for us. On Thursday I drove up to the Board of Nursing with a friend to check the status of our license applications. It took about an hour to get there, but there was very little traffic and good conversation. The people there were super nice, took our information, and about 20 minutes later issued us our authorization to test. It was very nice. As it turns out, we got lucky. A group of my classmates drove up a day later and got the same old song and dance about how they are working as fast as they can and to be patient.

Anyhow, I came home and scheduled the NCLEX right away. My options for the testing center closest to our home were June 13 or 29. I took a deep breath and registered for June 13. It was 6 days away. And now, it's 3 days away. Um. Yikes. Still, I'm glad I'm getting it over with. I shuffled the boys' school days around so that I have all day Monday and Tuesday to immerse myself in NCLEX prep books. I finished up the online review material from Hurst and I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about taking the exam Wednesday.

Gummy Bear has his Pre-K graduation Thursday. I'm torn between thinking it's all kind of silly and being a blubbery mess about the whole thing. They have been practicing for the ceremony since the winter and Gummy Bear is very excited. They have a whole week of special activities planned for the Pre-K class (movies, water play, party). 

It is also the last week the boys will be in school until I get a job or Gummy Bear starts school in the fall, whichever happens first. Pray for me, internetland. We have some swimming lessons scheduled for the first two weeks of July and our first camp tenting experience with the boys scheduled for later this month. I hesitate to schedule too far into the summer since I have no idea when I'll be starting a job. Still, I think it's going to be a fun summer and the last I'll have the boys, so I plan on soaking up every sun-drenched, water-filled moment.


Kate Weber said...

That graduation photo of Bear is OMG SO CUTE. Definitely one for the scrapbook!

Cathy said...

GB's picture just made me a little teary! The first of many education milestones to come

Becky said...

You can do eeet! Hope the studying is going well, Sisterface!

Jube said...

Yeah, he's awfully cute.

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