Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Wishing, and hoping, and waiting

 I was given a subtle reminder that I haven't been blogging lately. Ooops. Mostly, there hasn't been a whole lot going on over here. I'm in a bit of a holding pattern until the state board of nursing decides to send me my authorization to test (ATT) number. When I receive it, I can finally schedule my NCLEX.

I called the board last Thursday, and was told that it could be 10-15 business days before I receive it. (That's 3 weeks!) Apparently, they have decided to switch from paper to online processing ... in May ... when everyone graduates. Brilliant.

Since my friends who received their ATT 2 weeks ago couldn't schedule an NCLEX until the end of June, I'm probably looking at the end of July or August before I can take my exam. This is ... disheartening. I really wanted to get my NCLEX out of the way while the boys were still in school. So, I am obsessively checking my email and trying not to make myself crazy. I can't do anything about it ... so I'm trying to just enjoy the summer.

I also have a semi-weekly study date with my nursing school study buddy. I bought a NCLEX prep game, called RNterntainment. Although it's mostly just answering NCLEX questions, having a game format makes it a lot more fun. My friend and I have passed many happy hours, sipping coffee and making the other people at Panera Bread look strangely in our direction.

Our school is also having its official closing ceremony on Sunday. This is sad, since the program dates back to 1895 or something. They have a bunch of old uniforms and needed some models for the ceremony. And so, I'm going back in time Sunday to celebrate the school's history. It's pretty cool, actually. Hey, maybe I'll meet some nursing managers or something.

It's full blown summer around here (except yesterday, when it was 60 ... brrr!). The boys have been thoroughly enjoying every moment of water-drenched, water-cannon fun.

Mom and Greg are fully immersed in their new business, last week we all met for dinner at our favorite Chinese food restaurant. We were all pretty fried. Mom and Greg have been working crazy hours, I had a review course all week, and the boys had to go to school around 7:30. Gummy Bear took a little nap on his Neena's lap. Don't you wish you could do this some days?

Yesterday was raining and cool and the boys are both a little sniffley, so we spent the day around the house. I decided to make cookies and only realized that I didn't have baking soda when I was almost done mixing. This is what cookies look like when you try to use baking powder instead. They aren't too bad, although less a cookie than a biscuit. The boys are eating them, so I guess they aren't too bad. They do have sugar and chocolate chips, after all.

So, that's the update. Lots of waiting.


Cathy said...

LOVE the nurse "costume" So very glad we don't have to wear skirts/dresses or hats anymore!

Jube said...

Yeah, it's really something. Can you imagine having to work in that thing? Some of the uniforms from the 60s and 70s were just as bad. They seriously needed pants!

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