Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ukulele Week Being OK

I have some pretty exciting news today. I finally got my nursing license number! This morning, however, I was looking at another two weeks (at least) of no progress and no answers when I called. A friend of mine had the number of a particular person at the board for me to try. I spoke with her and she called me back 20 minutes later to tell me that I would have a number by the end of the day. YES! And I do!

Before this happened however, I was starting to get a little panicky. You know how you get in your own head? I started thinking that all the jobs were going to pass me by because I was never going to get a number and I was never going to get a number because something was wrong with my application but I would never know that something was wrong because no one would give me any answers! So when I was thinking about what song to post for Ukulele Week, this one seemed perfect.

I've had a big weight lifted off me today, but I know for a fact that a lot of other people that I love have had a pretty crap week. So this is for you too. You know who you are. This is far from perfect, but it is about the 86th take and I'm done.

This is one of my many outtakes. Don't listen if you don't want to hear me say a potty word.


Jo said...

We're loving ukulele week! My eyes leak when I listen to you play.

Becky said...

That happens to me too, Jo.

Sister - hoorah for your license number! This is a good song for that. (And for my week too, ugh.)

Also - how much do I love your outtake? Made me giggle.

Jube said...

You guys should get your eyes checked. That doesn't sound good.

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