Monday, July 30, 2012

Ukulele Week Wraps Up

As promised, here is the last song selection of Ukulele Week. Tonight, I dragged my husband in front of the camera again, mostly against his will. I'm not sure why he's so camera shy, being all cute and good sounding, but he is. I've learned a few things from ukulele week:

1. The next time I'm going to have a "Fill-In-The-Blank" Week, I should really plan ahead. I'm sort of lucky that I a few songs in my back pocket and a very tolerant husband.
2. Still, I had a lot of fun, and hope you had fun too. All your comments and phone calls really meant a lot to me.
3. I have no idea how real, professional artists remember so many songs. I have 4 or 5 I could pull out without music and words. I have real respect for those people who play dozens of songs every night.

Please enjoy the last ukulele song I'm likely to post for quite a long time.


Jo said...

It was more than wonderful. Can't wait for next ukeweek.

Becky said...

Very sweet. I have enjoyed ukulele week most thoroughly.

G'pa said...

Such a sweet song. It made me tear up thinking how much you two love each other.

ldupbeat said...

I absolutely loved it! You guys are so very cute together! You made me smile :)

Cathy said...

Love you guys so much and thanks for brightening up our week! I just love hearing my brother sing, you too Jube!

Mom said...

Thanks a bunch. Love to hear you two sing.

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