Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

There may be a lot wrong with this country, but I sure wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Our local fireworks were last night, so we celebrated a little early. Plus, it's kind of nice to have a whole day today with  nothing to do but relax and finish shopping for our camping trip tomorrow. Ahhh.

We had to park a good half mile from the park, but Cheeky Monkey didn't seem to mind.

Then we set up and waited.


How cute are my mom and the Monkey?

G-Pa and Bear did lots of wrastling.

Mom and I waited in the world's-longest italian ice line until just before the fireworks started. The stall owner was the model of inefficiency. He had the world's most demotivated scoopers. Then, you know, because there weren't dozens of people in line, he decided to fiddle with light bulb for 10 minutes rather than help them. When it came time for me to pay my $8, I gave him a twenty. He asked if I had anything smaller. So I just got Mom's too. Told him now he only had to give me $4 instead of $12.  He looked befuddled for a moment, then asked me "Are you a teacher?" Because 'Merica. That's why.

Anyhow, the fireworks were really good. Our community really knows how to do a finale. The sky turns the color of dusk again during the finale. I am pretty sure they set off as many in the last minute as they do during the preceding 20.

Happy Independence Day to you!


Cathy said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Most local fireworks were cancelled here :( I had to work today anyway so we were super cool and stayed in and did a puzzle and watched fireworks on TV. I know you're jealous

Becky said...


Theresa said...

We sure had fun.

ldupbeat said...

Looks like a wonderful time! The kids are so very cute! I love the picture of Greg and Cheeky Monkey.

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