Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pooey Time

Bedtime is a fun little ritual in our house.  We go upstairs and feed kitty (who is starving).  Then we change a diaper, get pajama-ed, and give kisses and squeezes.  Lately, T has been kissing our noses and giving big, open-mouthed kisses because Ry says "Pooey" when he does it.  Tonight, he gave us sloppy licks up our cheeks and foreheads.  He dissolves into uncontrollable laughter when he does it to Ry, both because of the reaction and (I think) the stubble.  It's funny, but not nearly so much to do it to me.  I consider this cosmic retribution for all the times my dear husband has done this to me.  Pooey.

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