Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ugly bags of mostly water

Right after Ry and I got married, we started Tivoing some of the old Star Trek Next Generation episodes.  I didn't remember watching this one the first time around (it premiered in 1988), but I laughed until I cried when I saw it the second time.  What a great description for people, giant ugly bags of mostly water.  I went around calling people ugly bags of mostly water for a good couple of weeks.

Fast forward to this week when my chemistry professor calls people big bags of water.  I think I actually snorted before I realized that 1., no one else thought it was funny and 2., since most of the people in my class were born after this show premiered, the likelihood of them having seen it was very small.  Of course, it didn't end there.  No, Prof went on to discuss the fact that our cells were just little bags of water, so really we were lots of tiny bags of water making up a giant bag of water.  I can't be sure he was referencing this episode, but he's quirky and strange, so I suspect he was.

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Jo said...

I so remember that episode. My second fave after tribbles.

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