Friday, April 17, 2009

Two Things

Two things made me smile today.
1. We ordered pizza online via .  You pick out your pizzas and submit your order.  Then, you can watch  the steps of pizza preparation and delivery.  I learned that it look about 3 minutes for them to prepare our pizza and less than 10 for the pizza to cook.  I then learned that our Pizza Delivery Expert, Rolando, was on his way with our pizza.  It was like reality TV pizza ordering.  It was really fun.
2. I bought Kool-Aid today.  Soda and I aren't getting along too well, but I wanted something other than water and milk.  Ry and I remembered making Kool-Aid as kids, complete with collecting the Kool-Aid points to get cool stuff.  He suggested I get out a big wooden spoon to mix it up. Oooh, Yeah!  When we were kids, there were dozens of flavors. Today I only found about 6.   It was quite tasty.  We let T have a drink, and he's hooked.  At one point during dinner, he had his snack cup, milk cup, and Ry's Kool-Aid cup on his tray.  He pointed to each in turn and said "Juice in it. Milk in it. Purple in it."  Then he turned to us and said "More purple please!"

Technology and nostalgia; two things that made me smile.


Cath said...

Purple was always my favorite too. Uncle E misses Ecto Cooler!

nana said...

Do they still have blueberry blast?

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