Saturday, December 05, 2009


Yesterday F turned one month old. I can't believe he's already that old. I've already had a few "not a newborn anymore" moments (umbilical cord fell off, outgrew a few newborn outfits). Here are a few pictures to commemorate the big event. Look at our little butterball! We aren't exactly sure how big he is right now, but our best guess is 9 and a quarter or so. I just can't handle the cuteness of the little fat cheeks. It's not really obvious in this picture, but he's losing his hair from the top down. Right now he looks a bit like a jowly monk.

This picture is pretty illustrative of the look F gives his big brother. He's not so sure about this big, clumsy boy who just wants to kiss and hug him. Unfortunately, T hasn't quite mastered the gentle hug. He's trying.

T also likes to mimic F when he's crying. It's adorable and maddening all at once. Here they're crying to each other.

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