Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Losing most of a tooth

Two days before Christmas I had my first cavity filled. I have to admit to being pretty nervous about the whole adventure. When I went in, the dentist decided that since the cavity was so shallow, she would just numb the gums around my tooth, instead of numbing the whole nerve. Then she started drilling. The smell of a tooth being drilled is one I'll never forget. As she kept drilling, I started to feel my blood pressure dropping and my vision blacking out. Luckily for me, I didn't actually pass out. That would have been embarrassing. She kept drilling, and drilling ... and drilling. Apparently, the cavity was much deeper than she thought.

She paused and asked if I wanted to see. Seriously? I'd love to! It looked like a tooth cup. I don't know why I expected something other than a tooth with a big hole in it, but I guess I did. Anyway, as she finally got down to the end of the decay, I started to feel it a little bit. She finally did get finished up and filled the tooth with the filling material. For the past week, I have felt like I had something in my teeth, but no pain or other issues. When I look in my mouth, I can't even see the filling. Cavity: filled.

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