Saturday, December 19, 2009

Funnest Christmas Tree Hunt Ever!

Well, maybe not ever. Certainly the funnest since I've been a grown up. We waited for the boys' Tantie to be with us before going to pick out and decorate our tree. Of course, the day after she arrived dawned rainy and cold. I wasn't waiting another day to get a tree though, especially since we might not have another daylight opportunity until the following weekend.
We all bundled up (even F) and hit a local nursery turned tree lot. Most of the trees were too big for our little living room, but we finally found the perfect tree.
T, of course, found lots of "trees." He kept finding more and more and we had to convince him that trees had to stay outside so we could go in and pay for our tree.
Look Mommy! I found another tree!

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