Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmases past

My sister is taking December to write about some of her favorite Christmases past. I think this is a really swell idea and I'm going to steal it. Her story about the annual Christmas Tree Hunt is also one of my favorite Christmas memories. We're going to try and find a similar experience here when our kids are a little older (for now, it's the Home Depot Christmas Tree Lot).

Two of my favorite Christmases were the ones we spent at ski resorts. They kind of blend together in my head, so I'm going to talk about them as if it were one big trip. We stayed at Snowshoe Mountain for one trip and Killington for the other. I still maintain that Snowshoe is one of the all-time best family/kids mountains. We ended up at Killington because the original resort we were planning on in New York had no snow. We drove north until we found snow.

Part of the reason I enjoyed the trips so much is that they combined two of my favorite things: travel and skiing. It seemed illicit somehow to be skiing during Christmas. Most of my friends were at home, having the same family Christmas every year, while we were off having a real vacation.

The resorts always looked so festive, with big fireplaces, decorations everywhere and feet upon feet of snow. It was usually pretty crowded, but the year we went to Snowshoe there was a blizzard. No one could get on or off the mountain. I'll never forget skiing in a blizzard with my Dad or standing at the top of the mountain the next morning, looking at a perfect run filled with fresh powder. It was some of the best skiing I've ever done.

Perhaps the best part about these trips was getting to spend intense time with my family while still having something to do. We got to spend evenings cozied up in the room, playing games or watching TV and the days out in the fresh air. We got lots of family time without making each other (too) crazy. They were fun times and a unique Christmas experience I hope to replicate with my kids someday soon.


Cathy said...

thanks for sharing!

nana said...

They were fun.

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