Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bummer little Jube

I went to the dentist today for a routine exam and cleaning. I got scared by Dr. Evil the last time I went and hadn't been for well over a year. I like the new dentist a lot, although no one will ever hold a place in my heart like my childhood dentist. This was a man that reminded me of no one so much as Mr. Rogers.

Anyhow, the news is mostly good. She thinks I have beautiful teeth and could tell that I flossed (I always wondered). Sadly, she also told me that I have a wee little cavity. At first she thought I just had something in my teeth. Unfortunately, when she poked her little stick in the middle, it stuck. I made it to 30 without a single cavity. Sad. Two days before Christmas I'm going to go get my first drilling. I'm scared. Someone hold me.


Pat said...

Won't you dad be there? Dad's are great "holders" - I know I miss my dad holding me and making all the scary stuff go away! I'll sure be praying for you that day - I understand your fear - I hate going to the dentist!!

nana said...

I will hold you in spirit. Thank T and F for the cavity.

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