Monday, March 29, 2010

DC Adventure Ahoy!

Ry is heading to DC next week for an all-week business meeting. Since he gets the government rate for pricey DC area hotels, we were able to get a suite for just a bit over his reimbursement. I'm packing up the boys and hitting DC for the week. Last time we were there, we hit the National Zoo, the Museum of Natural History, and the National Building Museum (super cool playroom). If the weather is nice, we may run around the Mall a bit. I have also heard that Mount Vernon is pretty nifty. Dearest blog-visitors, do you know of any other must-do activities for me and the wrecking crew?


melydia said...

If you want a great view of the city without the lines at the Washington Monument, check out the Old Post Office. There's a decent food court there too.

Mount Vernon is nice, but you'll need a rental car to get there unless you're savvy with the bus.

I'm not very good at kid-friendly tourist activities, I'm afraid, but I'll send this link to my local friend Cookie who has a 3-year-old.

BTW, if you have time for dinner some evening, let me know - I'd love to meet up. Just shoot me an email with your schedule. Maybe Bill will even be healthy enough to join us this time. :)

crrcookie said...

Melydia's friend crrcookie here. My little guy is three and he does prety good most places. He loves the Air and Space museum because he can see planes and helicopters and stuff. (Not to mention he loves that I give in to McDonald's every time that we are there.)

The Sculpture Gardens are good for walking them around and making them tired.

The Zoo is still a big favorite and he would do it every week if I was willing to get out.

Truthfully the biggest draw is getting to ride the train (Metro) and if we get to take a bus that is the biggest thrill of all.

I would be thrilled to meet up with you during the week and go somewhere with the little ones. My three year old loves other people!

You can email me by using that screen name above at yahoo dot com. (Or ask melydia for my email.)

Frank said...

I hear the cherry trees are in bloom. That will take about 30 seconds for Tucker to see.

Jenn said...

@ melydia - thanks for the tip on the post office. We're driving, so a car won't be an issue. I'd love to see you (and Bill). Will send an email soon.

@ crrcookie -- We haven't tried air and space, but I'm guessing my son would love it too. We would love to have some company! Will email soon!

@ Frank -- Yes! They are blooming! And they'll be beautiful. Maybe I can actually get a picture or two of the boys before T is totally bored.

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