Friday, March 26, 2010

Om Nom Nom

I finally watched the second installment of the Twilight series: New Moon. The books are all teenage angst and obsession. The movies are more of the same. Ry and I laughed through the first movie. While the second was better, I still spent a lot of the movie being distracted by cliches and unnatural postures. Also, every time Edward and Bella kissed, I couldn't help but think "Om Nom Nom Nom." Ry spent the time doing our taxes and asking "Wait, what just happened?" I was pretty impressed with the CG on the wolves and am looking forward to the next angst-fest. Not our most romantic movie evening.


Becky said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed both Twilight movies. I have no pretensions about the quality of said movies, but I had fun anyway. My favorite character in the movies is still the snotty best friend; she makes me laugh.

Jenn said...

Have you read the books? It's probably a good thing I didn't read them when I was 15, or I could've easily fallen into the fangirl category. I remember how desperately important everything was and how deeply felt my emotions were.

As an aside, I was (mildly) Team Edward in the books, but after the second movie am firmly Team Jacob. Do you have a team?

Becky said...

Yes, I read all four books in a mad rush one weekend because I couldn't put them down. And I had about two or three weeks of fangirl-ness before it wore off. It just reminded me what it was like to have an intense crush, where everything was so heightened and tense and heart-fluttery.

I am Team Edward, even though Jacob is a more logical and healthier choice. I have no explanation for this.

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