Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A New Era Dawns

We moved T into his big-boy bed just after all our Christmas company left. It was a seamless transition. T found the new bed and new room to be something of an adventure, and after the first couple days never asked to sleep in his crib again. He also stayed in his bed in the mornings until one of us came down to get him. This was really nice. I could catch another 15 minutes of sleep or finish feeding F or use the restroom before going in to get him. We always knew when he was ready to get up because he'd start yelling "Mommy, open the door. Daddy, open the door. Mommy, open the door. Daddy, open the door."

And then two days ago he (finally) realized that he didn't have to stay in his bed when he awoke. At 6:45 am he poked his cheerful little face in my room and said "Good morning Mommy!" Thankfully, F was already awake and I was changing his diaper. Unfortunately, I didn't realize T was awake. He can be stealthy when he wants to be. Despite telling him to stay in his room in the mornings, he was in my room again bright and early. Given his propensity for escape (he can un-deadbolt and unlock every room in our house and defeat every baby gate we own), we're considering buying a chime for his door, so at least we know when he's up.

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