Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'll be very busy

I just received my pre-nursing school packet today. There's a lot to be done before June 14. I feel like it's a lot more than when I went to college the first time, but that's probably because my parents did most of it for me. Here's the list:

  • Register for, and take, a CPR class
  • Register for, and take my UAP (Unlicensed Assistive Personnel) course
  • Buy scrubs
  • Buy a stethoscope
  • Buy a blood pressure cuff
  • Buy a watch with a second hand
  • Buy some good shoes
  • Get my immunization records from IL
  • Have a physical with my PCP
  • Have a health screening with the hospital (have titers drawn)
  • Research and purchase malpractice insurance
  • Register my car with the hospital
  • Get an ID badge for the hospital
  • Pay tuition
Whew. I'm not usually a list girl, but I think I'll make an exception in this case. The packet included some pretty scary language about how you'll be kicked out if anything is left undone. Here we go!


Cathy said...

So I have a theory about nursing programs: They like to leave you terrified. Each "task" is a test including all the list completing prior to start. But then again, if you can't follow specific direction and/or find solutions to dilemmas such as tracking down your childhood immunization records maybe nursing isn't for you...Just remember that this will not be the first time you see "grounds for program dismissal" on a piece of paper. Don't fret, you will do great

Jenn said...

Thanks Cathy, that makes me feel better.

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