Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Festivities

I have a lot of catching up to do, blogwise.  Our Christmas, will, therefore, be broken into a couple of blog posts over a couple of days.
Papa and Lala came to visit us for Christmas, and boy was T excited.  They also sent us this giant tin of popcorn, which was delicious.  T was a big fan.

F is smarter than is good for him.  He can turn on the TV, and change the channel to get to the right input.  If he could figure out the receiver we'd be in really big trouble.

T's very first Christmas pageant was also last week.  Here the kiddos are lining up to go onstage.

We're waiting breathlessly for the concert to start.

And this is pretty much the entire school.  Pre-K is on the left, 3/4s are in the middle, and Toddler 2 are on the far right.  The Toddlers pretty much cried or looked around for the entire thing.

And once again, Lala is T's favorite person. Hold a hand? Lala's. Read a story? Lala will do it. Get ready for bed? Lala to the rescue!

Here's the entire concert.  Unless you are particularly bored I wouldn't waste time for the whole thing.  If you have a few minutes tho, skip ahead to 8:00 and listen to Felix Navidad. It'll give you a good feel for the event, and the little girl in the middle is just precious.

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