Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holy Stereotypical Christmas, Santa!

This year, T is really starting to get into Santa.  His school has talked quite a bit about Santa, and Friday he came home in antlers and a red nose.  Tonight, we decided to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas.  We pulled it up on the TiVo, and decided, just for giggles, to see what was on Netflix.  Well.  They had a group of 1940s and 1950s Christmas shorts.  Let me tell you that I wish I had pre-screened.

Santa's Surprise, the little gem above, was among the milder of the racist stereotypes we saw.  I'm glad T didn't really catch anything strange.  Let's just say that this particular series of Christmas cartoons won't be on our must-see list for next year.


Cathy said...

Yep, that's pretty bad, and even worse that in the 50s I sure they thought this was pretty progressive to include other cultures and ethnicities besides white American kids!

melydia said...

Um. Wow.

Yeah, that's all I got.

Jube said...


Mom said...

I understand thinking of the sterotyping, but I think the point of the story was all the different cultures working together. Different age and time.

Jube said...

I understand that it was a different age and time, but that doesn't mean I want my kids to see the black-face African American kid shining shoes or the Asian kid doing laundry. I mean, really?

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