Monday, December 06, 2010


  • 7 and 2: Years and children it takes to break enough of your stoneware to make it almost useless.
  • 3: Tests I have in the next 8 days.
  • 3.5: Harry Potter books I'm going to finish when my final is over next Tuesday.
  • 3: Christmas light strings that didn't work this year.
  • 10: Christmas light strings my husband bought because "They were on sale."
  • 2: Christmas light strings it took to decorate our Christmas tree.
  • 1: Christmas tree toppers we had to return because it made the top of the tree droop sadly.
  • 1: Christmas present boxes sent so far this year.
  • 0: Christmas cards mailed.
  • 5: Steps F can take without toppling over.


G'pa said...

Way to go, Fin! G'Pa loves you.

Mom said...

At least you have your tree up. We have however sent out the first batch of cards.

RFT said...

In my defense, I used them all.

Mom said...

Go Ryan, light up that house and tree.

Jube said...

He did Mom. It looks great.

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