Thursday, December 30, 2010

A very Keurig Christmas

I was a little afraid of the toy-influx this year. As you can see by the pile of gifts behind the tree, there were a bunch. It's one of the side-effects of having 4 sets of grandparents I guess.  Fortunately, Christmas was pretty low-impact, especially considering that we had just done a big toy-culling.  Lots of the presents were books, puzzles, and smaller electronic toys.  Toss in a few new pieces of clothing for Ry and I, and the boxes looked a lot more intimidating than they ended up being.

F got a few fun new toys. He's big into putting things into other things right now.

Had to put this picture in, because it's what happens when I try to get the boys to share a lap.  Poor T does his best to scoot over to one leg, while F throws a fit because his lap has been invaded.  I try to just ignore F and finish whatever I'm doing with T, but T mostly prefers to get up and avoid the drama.  It's hard to be the big brother some times.

F does this really funny snorty-face thing.  So does my dad.

Our family tradition is to have appetizer-y type food for Christmas Even and open our presents.  Santa only brings the stocking presents, and they are the only presents opened on Christmas Day.  We had a lovely dinner.

Dad helped T put some new ornaments on the tree.

Ry and my present to each other this year was a Keurig coffee maker.  We got a super deal on them, and so decided to go in on one with my sister for D & L.  When they arrived a few days before Christmas, we showed off the new coffee maker, to their general "ooohs" and "aaahhs."  They were making noises about buying one in the after-Christmas sales.  So, it turns out we made a good choice.

T enjoyed his Pez like nobody's business.  It's astounding to me how chalky candy coming out a creature's neck can hold such allure.

This is just for my crazy eyes.

It took D & Ry to put together the shopping cart we got for F.  I only paid $10 for it, which, as it turns out, is about what's it worth.  It was one of the only ones I could find that wasn't pink though. What? Boys don't shop?

All our stockings were hung on the stairway with care.  Apparently my filling them after the boys went to bed on Christmas Eve ruined L's image of Santa. Sorry.

I forget what they were putting together

Is that the picture of Christmas morning, or what?

Yes, F was missing his pants. He kept walking out of them. So. Yeah. Pantsless baby.

And Ry ... Santa, got me these creepy blue toe socks.  I look like I have some kind of horrific skin condition, right?

Anyhow, we had a great Christmas. I'm always sad to say goodbye to our family.  It's probably the only thing that I really don't like about living in NJ.

And you? Did you have a good Christmas too?


Mom said...

Looks like good times were to be had at the Thomas house for Christmas this year. Thanks for all the pictures.

We had a wonderful Christmas as well. Very laid back and low key.

ldupbeat said...

Looks like a great Christmas. I hope Tucker and Finley got the gifts we sent, otherwise you may not know they were supposed to be getting something :)

Jube said...

They did make it. Thanks so much! I haven't gotten around to the thank you cards yet, but will soon!

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