Sunday, December 19, 2010

This is why

This is why my children are often sock-less (and pant-less, and shoe-less, and shirt-less).

"Uh-oh!" he says.  I keep trying to explain that it's not "uh-oh" if you do it on purpose, but since that's pretty much all he says, it doesn't seem to be sticking.


melydia said...

I love that last picture. He looks all like, "Ohhhh look what I did! I'm so naughty!" Very cute. :)

I'm not convinced there is a child under the age of four who wouldn't rather be naked.

Jube said...

He's very proud of himself. He often looks up at me when he's finished doing something naughty. Then he gives me a big grin and claps his hands. Kids.

Anonymous said...

Nolie has no interest in socks, and being that her father is accused of being a hobbit most of the time it seems to fit :)

nana said...

I think he is just too darn cute.

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