Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!

To celebrate, here are some pictures from last year. Specifically, here are some pictures from Christmas. My sister covered most of the Jersey Christmas extravaganza, but I promised pictures, and pictures you'll have.
My Dad got to meet Grandson V.2. F is a really fussy baby, so a picture of him awake and not screaming is rare. Apparently, Dad had the touch. It looks like his little jowls are going to fall off his face. Ahhh, chubby baby.

We all got to attend T's preschool Christmas party. We walked down into the little town square and had some pastry before the big event. Here's what we look like after coming in from the cold.

And here's Dad helping with the par-tay.

How gorgeous is my sister?

Christmas dinner. We have a tiny table and a tiny kitchen. We were pretty much at capacity, but we had fun.

I love this picture because my Dad looks terrified of T and his new saw.

T in front of the Christmas tree. Right now, every time he smiles for the camera he closes his eyes.

So Ry asked him to open his eyes. His eyes are open. Ry didn't say anything about his mouth, after all.

T and his loot. He asked to open presents for days afterward.

And again, F awake and not crying! Woohoo!

I always love having my family around for holidays. They are good company and I miss them.

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ldupbeat said...

You guys all look wonderful! I wish I also lived closer so I could spoil your sweet little babies.

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