Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm a baby wearer

This is my newest baby wrap, the Snuggly Wrap. It goes by many names, the Moby Wrap, Ultimate Wrap, blah blah blah. It's basically just 5 yards of stretchy knit material and it's awesome! I also have a shoulder sling (thanks mom!) and a Baby Bjorn. I never really liked the Bjorn. It was difficult to get into, and T never seemed comfortable. I used the shoulder sling almost continuously through F's first 2 months. Once he started to get big though, it started to really hurt my upper back and shoulders.

I had seen these out and around but thought they looked impossibly complicated to put on. As it turns out, they really aren't. It's quick and easy to get into, comfy for F, and great for my back. It also allows me free movement of both arms (the only major drawback of the shoulder sling and a must with a busy toddler around). I'm sold. So sold in fact, that I bought a bunch of fabric and mailed it off to my mom to make me another. Snuggly wrap ... you've saved my back!

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Frank said...

Looks comfy. Finley is awesome.

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