Friday, January 15, 2010

Not that Nuprin

Scene: The family is sitting, eating dinner at a local grocery store/cafe. T is happily eating pizza, F is snuggled in his sling.

Random woman: Awww, your baby is so cute!

Me: Thank you.

RW: He looks really comfortable.

Me: Yes. It's probably his favorite place to be.

T: That's my baby!

RW (Turning to T): Are you a big brother?

T: I'm eating pizza!

RW: I see that. Can I have some pizza?

T (Looks confused. Sizes up his pizza and picks up a piece, offering it to RW).

RW (Laughing): Thank you! You should eat it. You are a very good sharer.

T: Oh, thanks.

RW: Are you going to share with your brother?

T (Looks confused): But ... he doesn't eat pizza yet.

** For those of you who don't know, the title of this post refers to a little experience I had just after having my wisdom teeth extracted. My stepmom had given me some Nuprin, which I gagged on, and ended up spitting out, since my mouth was still mostly numb. I spit them into her hand (sorry Lala). She asked me if I wanted more Nuprin. In my drugged state, I looked at the slobbery, oozing Nuprin in her hand and thought that I really didn't want to try them again. The thought must have shown up on my face, because she stifled a little giggle and said "Not that Nuprin."


LaLa said...

One of my favorite stories ever.

Jenn said...

Mine too. :)

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