Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a good thing there are Dads

There are some subtle differences between my and Ry's parenting styles. For instance, Ry told me this story this afternoon. "Yesterday when T was taking a bath, he realized that if he slammed the juicer bowl into the water really hard he could shoot bubbles like 5 feet in the air. It was hilarious!" And here I was thinking that this isn't such a good idea. Apparently, it was OK though, because the bubbles were staying inside the bathtub. Oh, well then, that makes it all OK.

Also, this. T spent a good 20 minutes jumping on top of my husband this afternoon. Not only am I physically incapable of playing with our 33 pound son like this, frankly, it doesn't look like so much fun. They had a blast.

Dads are different somehow. My Dad got busted when I was a kid for letting me jump on the bed when my Mom told me not to do it. "But Mom," I said, "Daddy lets me jump on the bed!" Dads are different. And thank goodness for that.

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nana said...

Dads are awesome.

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