Tuesday, May 04, 2010

#14 - Playing in the sprinkler

There's nothing quite like turning on the sprinkler on a hot summer day. The shock of the cold water as it lands on your body is deliciously refreshing. You run and run until you have numb fingers and toes and your lips are blue. Still, it's one of the great joys of childhood.Until this summer, T waffled between scared and indifferent to the sprinkler. This summer he decided it's pretty darn cool.

He's not quite brave enough to jump over the sprinkler, but he has thought about it really hard.

Great, great fun!

Playing in the sprinkler: AWESOME!


Becky said...

Playing the sprinkler is definitely awesome. I have entirely fond memories of doing that as a kid. Just beware the Slip N Slides. Not only are they much more painful than they appear, they kill the grass underneath.

Laurel said...

wow, that sounded very parental, Becky.

nana said...

Playing in the sprinkler, I remember....when did you guys grow up on me?

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