Saturday, May 01, 2010


We decided to sell the high chair you see featured below. It's huge-mongous and F sits up well enough to use the booster-chair thingie that attaches to the dining room chairs. We figured that if we do decide to have another child we'll likely wait to start giving him/her solid foods until close to 6 months like F, and they'll be able to sit up just fine too. Getting rid of the stupid thing clears about 4 square feet of room in my kitchen. If you've been in my kitchen, you know that's a lot.

So anyhow, I cleaned it up and posted pictures on craigslist. I asked for $20. It's about a $120 high chair brandy new. Frankly, I mostly just want it out of my house. A woman called me this morning and asked if she could come by in an hour to take a look at it. Sure! We were just hanging out in the back yard, starting the annual cleaning of the outdoor toys. Three hours later she called to see if we were still at home and could she drop by. I had given up on her, but since I just put F down for a nap, wasn't going anywhere.

Twenty minutes later, up pulls a Mercedes. Out comes a well-dressed man to take a look at the high chair. He checked it out, asked how old it was and asked us if we'd take less. Sure, how about $15? Hmmm, eerrrr, well it's pretty old. Yep, I told you that. And the cushion is pretty faded. Yeppers, but in great condition. Would you take $12? Well, there's an identical one at the consignment shop up the road for $40, so ... no.

Here's the thing. If he had pulled up in a beat up car with a load of kids, I'd have just given it to him. Hell, if he hadn't have been so condescending I'd have taken $12. But seriously? You show up 2 hours late to my house in a Mercedes and quibble over $3?

So he said he couldn't go any higher than $12 because blah blah blah it's old. And I very politely told him no thanks. At which time he went back to his car, sent his wife up to look at it and then came up and gave me $15. His parting line? "This isn't going to fall apart on me, is it?" I'm not sure. It might just crumble under the weight of your huge ego.


Becky said...

Ugh. How irritating.

jp said...

Yeah, we've gotten most of our furniture on Craigslist since we moved to Chicago but haven't even bothered to offer less most of the time because I didn't want to piss someone off when I pull up in the X3. ...To be fair, I tend to get an agreement in place before I show up.

nana said...

I not sure I would even have given it to them at 15 just on the principle.

I had a lady talk me into selling her my micro cabinet for way less for her poor son in law. One month later I find my cabinet in her garage sale marked up 10 over what she had bought it from me. Now, whenever she shows up at my sales-no mark downs for her.

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