Monday, May 17, 2010

Meanwhile, at the mulch festival

We spent most of the weekend weeding and mulching and watering and planting. We ordered 7 yards of mulch. It was a little overkill, but we won't have to mulch next year. Yesterday, T told us he wanted to spend the day at the mulch festival in our back yard. We aren't done for the season, so we'll probably spend another weekend at the mulch festival.
We actually let T stay up through his nap because he was so into helping plant the garden. We probably won't do that again, as his selective attention becomes really pronounced when he's not at least had a rest. He had a blast though.

He's a very aggressive waterer. It's a good thing most plants are pretty hardy.

Even F got in on the fun.

I'm pleased with the results. This year, we planted 4 tomato plants, basil, 2 zucchinis, some round cucumbers and watermelon. The watermelon is an experiment. Hopefully it'll be a tasty one.

And the yard is freshly mulched. There's nothing quite like a freshly mulched yard to make you feel like you've accomplished something.

I need something to put in this bed. I have tulips there, which haven't been doing so hot. Any suggestions? The bed is shaded most of the day and the soil is pretty heavy on roots from the tree. I don't really do annuals, but I'd like something that flowers.


Becky said...

You could always plant a few more hostas. There are some really pretty ones with variegated or silvery leaves.

Or ferns. They grow well in shade, too.

nana said...

I am trying several new perennials in my shade garden this year, I'll let you know how they do. I too want flowers in the shade. There are some varieties of hostas that bloom. I have several in my yard.

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