Friday, May 21, 2010


With my 3 week class less than 2 months away and nursing school less than 4 I am starting to get really anxious about putting F in daycare. While we are starting to make some progress with getting him to drink from a sippy cup, he's still ragingly unhappy whenever I'm not around. Sometimes he'll be OK with Ry, but only if he can't see me and/or I'm not around when he wakes up.
This is really unfamiliar territory for me. T never showed any stranger or separation anxiety. If anything, he seemed to enjoy being passed around.
Not F. He wants me. It's great to be wanted, but it's also exhausting. I went out for a while the other day and Ry said he cried almost the entire time I was gone. Is he going to cry for 8 hours three times a week? I don't think any school or job is worth that.
We're starting the daycare a week early, so I can go in with him while he gets to know the two women who will be caring for him. Am I being anxious for nothing? I really hope so.


jp said...

I really hope that goes well. We've obviously been insanely lucky on most fronts with M. She seems to be just like T in that being passed around is just a good time for her.

ldupbeat said...

Amber was the "separation anxiety" kid. Ashley was fine with whoever. It was very hard to leave her, but the daycare staff said she usually quit crying within 30 minutes of me leaving.

Cathy said...

To give you a geeky response, 6 months is when babies developmentally usually get separation anxiety, I know he is a bit extreme with it but maybe we have a budding thespian on our hands!

Jenn said...

Cathy, I know it's a perfectly normal developmental stage, it just seems like F is a lot worse than most babies. This weekend he was totally fine with R as long as I wasn't around. If he could hear me, he wanted me. I hope that this means he'll be OK with the caregivers at daycare once I'm out of the room.

nana said...

As you know, Becky was much the same. You are doing the right thing by taking him in a week early. As long as I "warned" Becky ahead of anything, it went pretty well. He may still cry a little bit, but usually within a week or so, he will adjust.From the sounds of your M D party he is allowing others to hold him. That's a good sign.

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