Friday, May 28, 2010

Quite a day

Today we planned on renewing my passport and getting one for F because we are joining my Dad and Lala for a trip to Niagra Falls in June.

We also had to go to Kohls to get coffee filters and so that was our first stop of the morning. Right after we left, T started getting searing abdominal pains on his right side. They were coming in waves and seemed to be getting worse, so we called his pediatrician, who recommended we bring him in right away. Since I was putting F down for a nap, Ry took T and hurried to the doctor's office.

She said that there was a 90% chance that he just had bad gas, and a 10% chance that he had intussesception. Intussesception means a trip to the children's hospital in Philadelphia, since our local hospital can't treat it. We were instructed to keep an eye on him for the next 2 hours and if it didn't get better to head to Philly. Fortunately, about 90 minutes later, T had a BM and immediately felt better. We breathed a big sigh of relief and called the doctor back, who said that we could now rest easy.

We went and got our passports squared away. F's had to be taken by a processor since he is a minor and this is his first passport. His passport pictures are beyond darling. I have to mail mine in, since it's just a renewal. And so we went to the post office, where I put all the required documents in a priority mail envelope and went to mail it with delivery confirmation. I happened to be wearing one of my Illinois shirts today. This particular shirt seems to be an invitation for people to tell me about their husband/father/sister/cousin/co-worker who went to Illinois one time. Today I had a really interesting conversation with the postal worker and a lady who said she had forgotten something in her car but seemed to be in no real hurry to go get it.

Postal worker: You went to U of I?
Me: Yes.
Postal worker: Cool
Random lady: Who went to U of I? You?
Me: Yes.
Random lady: I have some techs who are from Chicago.
Me: Oh really?
Random lady: I find that they are just the same as the people from here.
Me: How so?
Random lady: Culturally I mean. It's like you can pluck them out of Illinois and put them down here and the culture is the same.
Me: Really? I didn't have that experience at all.
Random lady: Do you think we're rude?
Me: I ... um ...
Postal worker: See? She's too polite to say that you're rude.
Random lady: Launches into a story about moving a box and how people in NJ are rude but not people from NC.
Me: Um.
Random lady: ... and I could have moved it 6 times by the time he asked me.
Me: Well, maybe people from Chicago have a more similar culture, but I find it to be pretty different.
Random lady: How do you get your teeth so white?
Me: Um. I brush them?
Postal worker: It's all the corn!

And all I was trying to do was mail a letter. Yeesh.

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jp said...

Srsly, someone thought Jeresy = Illinois? That really is too much. My day has been made.

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