Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm a little late posting about our Easter festivities, but life has been a little busy this week, so you'll have to excuse me. We started the morning with the boys opening checking out their Easter baskets. Woohoo, the Easter bunny came!

This is essentially the same picture, but I love the look on Gummy Bear's face.
Wait, that bunny brought you more stuff than he brought me!

Then we had breakfast. Since we weren't actually going to hide our dyed eggs, we had them for breakfast. Cheeky Monkey was an enthusiastic partaker.

Bear ... not so much.

Again, the monkey. He peeled and ate most of 2 hard boiled eggs.

This was the aftermath of the Easter baskets. That paper "grass"? It's a terrible idea. Don't do it.
I found some more today. In the laundry.

We went to Easter service and then headed off to our big Italian family for Easter dinner and egg hunt. I realized I didn't get great pictures of the egg hunt, but the boys had fun. There were something like 96 eggs for 5 kids.

In other news, I got my transition assignment this week. I'll be working nights with a Labor and Delivery nurse! I'm really excited and can hardly believe I'm almost done. I have one month until my final exam. The whole thing feels pretty surreal right now. I am completely finished with lecture and have one more week of clinical before my transition rotation starts. It feels like I've been working on this forever, and here I am, about to be an RN. Whee!

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