Friday, April 06, 2012

Fun with chicken ova

Yesterday, we participated in the annual Festival of Chicken Ova Dyeing. I bought the kids those pink tongs because I thought it would lessen the degree of crackage. I was wrong. But we had fun anyway. Cheeky Monkey wanted to do everything himself (because of course, he's two).

Look, a picture with both boys looking at the camera and smiling. Holy cow!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Gummy Bear was really into the ova-coloring this year. He dyed some with multiple colors and had Neena write his name on a few.

Every time Cheeky Monkey picked up an egg, we heard a disconcerting crunch. Then there was more crunching when he took the egg out of the dye. Strangely, out of the 6 eggs he got to color, the only two to remain without cracks were the yellow ones, his favorite color. Coincidence? Unlikely.

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G'pa said...

Happy Easter, Thomas Family.

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