Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The topping on my crap sundae

Disclaimer: I'm going to whine a bit.

This is the week of my semester where I have the absolute most to do of the entire year. I am trying to study for an exam Friday with a scary lot of information on it, have two days of clinical, one day of research, a care plan and 3 case studies to complete and a nursing license application to get notarized and sent.

As if that wasn't enough, the boys school is having a month where each day is a different child's special day. It's Gummy Bear's day Thursday. This means a poster, a special snack to share with the class and gathering a host of his favorites to bring and share (favorite toys, music, etc). Also, they are taking Pre-K graduation pictures tomorrow and I went all over hither and yon looking for a white, short-sleeved button down shirt in a boys size 5. Found one. At Old Navy. Yesterday. So that had to be washed and iron. And he had an accident at school today which necessitated a wash and dry of his nap roll.

Still, this is the stuff my life is made of. Cheeky Monkey has rash on his foot, that has been playing peek-a-boo with me for 3 weeks. I made an appointment with the dermatologist's nurse practitioner for this evening at 5:30. After I got home from clinical today, I worked through a case study, ran to the store for the poster board, and picked up the boys. We ran home so I could exchange the white shirt load for the pee pee nap role load and then we went to the doctor's office.

Where the receptionist snottily informed me that my appointment was on Thursday at 5:45. No sorry about the mix up. No, whoops. No, let me see if anyone can see you since you're already here. Just "your appointment is on Thursday at 5:45." Ok, well I would never have scheduled an appointment on Thursday this week since I have a HUGE FREAKING EXAM ON FRIDAY. But hey, whatever, let's reschedule. "Thursday at 1:30?" No, I can't do Thursday. "Thursday at 2:45?" Still, can't do Thursday. "Well, then it will have to be next week. Why don't you just call us?" At this point, I could either dissolve into frustrated tears, yell at the snippy receptionist or walk away. Meanwhile, Monkey is crying because he has a boo-boo and wants to "go doctor!!"

I chose to walk away. Bear asks me if I'm mad or "just upset" with the lady at the doctor's office. We took the kids to Chik-Fil-A where my saint of a husband played in the play room with them while I came home and got some stuff done (after he validated my sanity by saying that he overheard me make the appointment for today at 5:30). And then? I got a reminder call about my doctor's appointment for Cheeky Monkey for Thursday at 6 PM! And that my friends, was the topping on my crap sundae today. It's 9:15. I'm going to bed. Night ya'll.

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Becky said...

That sounds rough, Sisterface. I'm sorry. :(

Good luck on your exam. You can do eeet!

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