Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spoiled much?

I have two supremely spoiled kids. I never intended that to happen ... it just kind of did. Exhibit one: eggs.
When Gummy Bear was very small, he absolutely refused to eat eggs prepared in any manner (unless they were baked into cookies). As he got older, we kept trying to get him to eat them. Scrambled? Nope. Over easy? Non. Boiled? Kein. Finally, we discovered that he would eat egg white, but only if the yolk had never touched it. And voila, the separated egg was born. Now, he'll eat both parts, but NOT TOGETHER! Sadly, now Cheeky Monkey thinks he needs to eat his eggs this way too. It didn't occur to me how ridiculous this was until my mom tried to make Bear a separated egg the other morning and had to text back and forth 3 times to get it "right." Sheesh.

Other examples of child spoilage? I still rock the Monkey before bed at night. The boys split a soft pretzel at Target and two Munchkins at the grocery store. I let Bear wear mismatched socks to school as long as both are clean. I cut the tops off Monkey's strawberries and slice Bears into quarters ... because that's the way they like them. Sesame Place.

How were you spoiled?

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Theresa said...

That's not spoiled that's loved. They are wonderfully loved. I love it.

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