Sunday, April 11, 2010

#6 - Random Genetic Quirks

We've all got them. I, for example, can crack most of the vertebra in my back simply by twisting at the waist. I also have strangely tough feet. I walk around barefoot as soon as it's not freezing outside anymore. Ry makes fun of me for not really needing shoes come summertime. Of course, he's got delicate flower feet. He barely walks in the basement without shoes, let alone outside. I'd be a great firewalker. Or a hobbit. I'm also a sun sneezer, a trait which both boys have inherited. Ry thought I was a little crazy when I told him that the sun makes me sneeze, but I'm not! It's called Photic Sneeze Reflex and about a quarter of the population has it.
You know how people can roll their tongue? Ry can make shapes with his. It's sort of creepy.
It also appears that we are raising little carbon copies of our fathers. In fact, had T not inherited Ry's skin pigmentation birthmarks, I might think that I was, in fact, raising my Dad and my life was some bizarro episode of the Twilight Zone. T also has unusually sweaty feet, which leads to unusually smelly sandals in the summer. Lucky for him, he seems to have inherited my hobbit feet. Sadly, he also inherited my lack of hair and to this day (at 3 years old) has never had a haircut.
F shares only one of the birthmarks his brother and father have. He also shares the ability for the perfect pinch with his father. You know the one I mean. It's the pinch that gets just the right amount of skin to both hurt like crazy and leave a bruise. F also has really smelly ears. When we first noticed it I actually took him to the doctor, thinking he had an ear infection. Nope, just stinky earwax. I fastidiously clean his ears at every bath to no avail. The smell comes directly from his ear canal, and is usually worse for about 24 hours after a bath.

Random Genetic Quirks: AWESOME!


Becky said...

Another random Tucker family genetic quirk - the hiccup-when-you're-swallowing thing that happens when you sip a carbonated beverage.

jp said...

hahaha, I've got the hobbit feet in our pair and I agree with you that I find the tongue rolling a bit creepy. can't wait to see what Nolie ends up with :)

Cathy said...

Hmmmm, smelly ears, that's a new one. Cassidy has that...

nana said...

I also do the hiccup-swallowing thing.

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