Saturday, April 10, 2010

Washington. Boat. Science

The boys and I spent our last day in DC at Mount Vernon, George Washington's home and farm. The estate is only about 20 minutes away from where we were staying. While we didn't actually make it inside the mansion, we wandered most of the rest of the estate, and T had a great time.

T helped to make a fishing net. He was tickled to work with the lady in the costume.

We also took a 40 minute boat ride on the Potomac. While T had a great time, by far his favorite part of the experience was getting to have a smoothie on the dining level.

And enjoying the "bubbles" on the back of the boat.

On Friday, Ry's meetings were over, so the whole family headed to the Maryland Science Center. The center was everything you could ask for from a kid's museum. Everything was really hands on and it felt like the kids were actually learning something.

As always, anything with water and construction is a big hit for T. He and Ry spent a good 20 minutes making a water cannon out of the PVC piping.

And here he is, in the Inner Harbor. At this point he was several hours past his nap and he was a kiddo on the edge.

Our trip home was uneventful. T and F are really starting to be friends. Sometimes T still scares the poo out of his little brother, but more and more he entertains him and makes him laugh. I look forward to that time when they will play together.

Overall, the trip was a great success. T and I had some power struggles, but we saw lots of fun stuff. I also proved to myself that I could handle both boys in some pretty challenging situations (metro, museum).

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