Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#8 - The day your Dad beat cancer

It's been a long year for my Dad. He was diagnosed with metastatic renal cell cancer about 14 months ago. In the past year, he's been through surgery to remove a kidney and 6 hospital stays for interleukon cancer treatment. Through it all he has remained upbeat, positive and prayerful.

Yesterday he found out that his last scan showed no evidence of remaining cancer. His oncologist called it a "complete response." This means that while he won't call it a cure (yet), they have looked and can't find any cancer. Aside from scans every couple of months, my Dad gets to resume his regularly scheduled life.

We all breathed a sigh of relief and joined in joyful celebration last night. I love you Dad, and I'm glad you showed that cancer what's what. God is good, and we're all awfully glad he's letting us have you for a long long time.

The day your Dad beat cancer: AWESOME!!!


nana said...

Yes, totally awesome. God is good

nana said...

yes, totally awesome. God is good!!!

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