Sunday, April 04, 2010

The tiniest Easter bunny

We bought the Winnie the Pooh Easter basket for T for his very first Easter. We've taken pictures with it each Easter. This year, it was F's turn for the basket. Cathy reminded me today of how tiny tiny T was for his first Easter. As you can see, he fit completely inside the basket. I think he was around 6 pounds and less than a month old. He made the cutest little Easter bunny.I suppose you really can't compare, since F is 4 times older than T was ... but it makes for a cute compare and contrast.
Happy Easter!


Cathy said...

I wish I had a scanner because I have a baby picture of Dad with his Dad and he looks exactly like Finley in the picture (maybe slightly older). I'll definitly bring it next time I see you

Jenn said...

Please do. I'm trying to put together a collage of all the grandparents/parents/kids as babies or toddlers. It's scary how we're just turning out little grandfather clones.

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