Friday, April 30, 2010

It's so peaceful

I never knew how peaceful mealtime with a baby could be. We've been giving F soft things that he can eat himself. If it's something that needs to be spoon fed (like applesauce), we give him a pre-loaded spoon and let him have at it. T always wanted to feed himself anyway, so we figured we'd just let F do that. The results have been adorable ... and peaceful. We sit down to dinner, we give F food, he eats (or doesn't), and then we clean him up.Applesauce with a pre-loaded spoon.


Bagel -- he totally loved the bagel. Wonder where he got that from?


Cucumber and zucchini.


melydia said...

Too cute. I especially love the blackberries. And he sure looks a lot like his older brother in that last shot!

Cathy said...

Are you at all surprised that the boy loves to eat?

ldupbeat said...

He is SOOO darn cute!

Jenn said...

Not so much surprised. It's super cute though.

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