Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chipping Away

I am ever so slowly accomplishing my list for nursing school in September. Thus far I have taken my CPR class, gotten my health screen and physical, gotten scrubs, a stethoscope and a watch and am working through my online class. When I went to get my health screen, the hospital wouldn't give me my tuberculosis test or the hepatitis B vaccine because I was nursing. I looked into both and didn't think there were any counter-indications for either. The nurse kind of rolled her eyes and said "there's no reason you can't have them ... it's just the hospital policy." Hooray bureaucracy! I finally got my note from the midwives and now have to schedule another appointment.

On the other hand, my physical today was super smooth. Carle sent over my immunization records, as requested. The doctor I was scheduled with had another appointment, so I saw the nurse practitioner instead. She was warm and funny and it felt like I was having coffee with a friend more than getting a physical. She was also efficient, organized and everything that is right about nursing.

Now I just have to keep all my various records and paperwork together to submit in June. Why isn't this all electronic now?

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Cathy said...

Just keep it all in the same folder

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