Friday, September 25, 2009


Yesterday T had day 3 of his new preschool. He did really well and digs Mrs. B, his teacher. He kept talking about going to Mrs. B's house all day.

I met one of the other moms for the first time yesterday. I was helping to tidy up, so wasn't looking at her as she asked "Mumble mumble mumble, do?" "I'm sorry," I said, "What did you ask?" Her eyes got the size of saucers as she cleared her throat and asked, "Um, how many children do you have?" It was at this moment that I realized she must have asked me when I was due and when I asked her to repeat the question assumed that I wasn't actually pregnant. Ooops. "Oh," I said, "Just T, and this one is due November 12." "I thought you were pregnant!" she said. Yeah, at this point there's no denying it. I felt bad for not hearing her though. I've had those moments when you feel like your heart just dropped into your stomach.

Bonus anecdote: T was playing outside yesterday when he slipped off the patio and scraped his leg. Ry told me he scraped the crap out of it. Then T came over to tell me to look at his leg, which was scraped the crap.


Papa said...

That's my boy! I hope his "scrape the crap" leg is healing well.

Jenn said...

The scrape the crap leg is healing well. It doesn't hurt unless he happens to look at it, in which case it's "hurting me."

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